Maddy & Maize is a small batch, gourmet popcorn from Minneapolis that has found itself inside 200 Target stores. With zero digital marketing channels (outside of organic social), I helped the team to create a digital marketing strategy from scratch. Yeah, “from scratch,” I said it.

Maddy & Maize’s product is incredibly visual, just like the product at TAFT. As I said before, Food and Fashion are perfect for social media and sharing. For M&M, our best approach to digital marketing was within visual channels: Paid Search, Paid Social and Organic Social.

maddy and maize popcorn mixed bowl.jpg


When people search for M&M online, we needed to be found – that happens through Paid Search aka Google Ads and Google Adwords. We bough search terms so that people find us easily online. Long, complex or unique search terms are cheaper while short, simple, common search terms are more expensive. We have a blend of both. We also geo-target our efforts (so that we’re not covering all of the U.S. but only where our first 200 Target stores are) to be more cost-effective.

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While Paid Search is a modern must, Organic Social is its cost-effective cousin. By creating and managing M&M’s social presence (on Instagram-specifically), we can show off our product and our brand values to current and future customers. Instagram is free for businesses, but managing it is not. So while this is a cost-effective channel, it’s not completely without cost.

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The third and final core channel for M&M’s digital marketing is Paid Social. We started with only targeting to Millennial Parents on Instagram to keep our budget low and specific. We used existing web traffic to create audiences within Facebook Ads Manager (where we run ads to Instagrammers only).

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