I worked at TAFT, a direct-to-consumer men’s footwear brand, where I helped build their internal capability for digital marketing channels like paid social, paid search, and email marketing.

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Designing TAFT’s digital channels flowed from TAFT’s product. These boots, shoes and sneakers are incredibly visual – people love taking pictures of themselves in their fresh pair of kicks. Social media is great for fashion and food: We used that to our full advantage.

TAFT saw high organic social engagement with tens of thousands of likes and a few hundred comments being normal. For Paid Social, we found images that received high engagement on Organic to pair with relevant message copy for ad creation. While at TAFT, Paid Social was the majority of our ad spend. I created intricate Retargeting journeys, managed daily/weekly/monthly budgets, and updated dynamic, static and broad audiences. I learned how to read the health of Paid Social channels to make quick decisions for the brand.

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An e-commerce brand is nothing if it can’t be found online. I created and managed TAFT’s short-tail and long-tail keywords for SEO. I used Google Analytics and UTM tracking to track customers’ site behavior and marketing channel attribution. And I began a content creation engine within TAFT to tell more brand and product stories adding value to customers while driving organic search.

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Since TAFT’s customer journey is a long one – about 165 days from first purchase to next purchase – retention marketing is a big deal for TAFT. I created automated drip emails, a new Welcome Flow, and new product campaign emails. I leveraged email behavior to create new audiences for other digital channels. Our efforts increased the size of TAFT’s email list by 16% in 3 months.

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