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Final Draft

–Creative Campaign–

CHALLENGE: Some screenwriters don't think Final Draft is worth the investment: They think they can get by on Word or free software.


“The intuitive ease of Final Draft 

allows the writer to focus [solely] on the story."

Robert Zemeckis, Screenwriter
of Forrest Gump and Back to the Future

INSIGHT: The writing process is never linear – It requires a little madness.

AUDIENCE:  "Skeptical Screenwriters" – They use Word and think it’s enough. They don’t see the benefits of an expensive investment. They have the itch to write, but they need some convincing.

OPPORTUNITY: Final Draft handles the writing process making the writing itch easier to scratch.

STRATEGY: Final Draft feeds the screenwriter’s insanity.

CONCEPT / TAGLINE: "Fuel the crazy"

Each of these three print ads communicates a different product feature of the Final Draft screenwriting software. 

This campaign's radio ad perfectly summarizes the mindset of the screenwriter, showing our audience why Final Draft screenwriting software is the perfect product to push their writing farther.

Within the Final Draft software, we've suggested a product innovation: Incentivize screenwriter's to keep writing with congratulations that fill the page.

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