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GameStop: Retail Innovation




SITUATION: GameStop essentially has a monopoly on brick and mortar video game stores. So why is the brand in decline?

CHALLENGE: Games can be bought, downloaded and played straight from consumers’ game consoles. 

COMMERCIAL INSIGHT: The video game industry is seeing the same shift from physical copies to digital downloads as the shift music went through (from hard-copy CDs to iTunes downloads to streaming services).

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CONSUMER INSIGHT: Gamers miss seeing their gaming friends in real life. They remember playing co-operative missions on "split screen." They remember bringing their Dell computers to a "LAN party" and playing video games all night over pizza and gossip. It's human nature to share the gaming experience.

 OPPORTUNITY: GameStop can transform its brick and mortar locations from liabilities into assets by making their physical destinations a space for gamers to come together in reality.

STRATEGY: GameStop will become an interactive hub for all gamers.


GameStop will first change its branding to reflect its change in direction - from blocky, hard-to-read type to cleaner lines that still evoke nostalgic video game culture.

GameStop will first change its branding to reflect its change in direction - from blocky, hard-to-read type to cleaner lines that still evoke nostalgic video game culture.

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RE-ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY: At E3, an extremely popular video game conference, GameStop will reveal its 360-degree photo booth where people (often dressed up as their favorite players) will be able to take a picture and transform that 360-model into their own action figure or rotating gif.

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IN-STORE REDESIGN: GameStop's stores will transform from physical copies on every possible surface to digital tablets that host GameStop's entire inventory. This frees up the space to be used in fun, interactive ways such as a VR Lab where customers can try out emerging VR games before buying. Customers can also play each other in games in the store, thereby staying for longer periods.

On the back wall is a screen used for watching movies, Twitch livestreams, eSports or local tournaments. Merchandise is available to purchase and fan-art lines the walls. The space is open and interactive with video games at most tables.

EMPLOYEE UPDATES: Employees are no longer stuck behind a register – they have mobile tablets to check out customers wherever they are in the store. And like Apple's Genius Bar, the center desk is where GameStop employees answer questions and lead workshops. Employees wear buttons to show their gaming interests and expertise.

PRODUCT INNOVATIONS: GameStop will launch a caffeinated gum and energy drink for people to enjoy in-store. Both will be perfect for in-store events like gaming competitions and overnight lock-ins.

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ONLINE COMMUNITY: GameStop will develop an app for video game consoles like PS4 and Xbox One for players to download exclusive game deals. The platform app will also host GameStop TagTeam – a collaborative service where players are incentivized to connect with new friends and help players to explore their games. This builds an online community that can be brought in-store. 

IN-PERSON COMMUNITY: GameStop will host different events at their stores such as local tournaments and overnight lock-ins, live eSports viewing parties, Noob Night (to welcome amateur gamers) and national competition for certain games where players from different cities gather in GameStop locations to play each other.


CBM Nick Koutris – smart and strategic, lead our team from start to finish

CBM Colin McCool – tenacious and insightful, uncovered deep brand truths

XD Jenn Chau – audacious and brave, asked the hard questions

CW Parth Raval – witty and sharp, great to bounce ideas

AD Michael Arroyo – resourceful and receptive, incredibly easy to work with

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