Moving patient care to the home is the next chapter of healthcare. Nursing, hospice, private duty, home health are all moving toward this patient-centric model. The challenge is ensuring a high level of quality and consistency as mobile medical professionals are in the field.

Workpath is a healthcare startup that solves this problem. Their technology helps home health agencies deliver better patient care, improve team compliance, and receive live feedback.

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Since Workpath isn’t marketing to consumers, but to Decision-Makers within healthcare organizations, we focused our digital marketing towards creating thought-leadership and credibility.

If the biggest mental hurdle for future customers is understanding the benefits of Workpath, then every piece of marketing must ladder up to solving this mental hurdle.



When marketing to Decision-Makers, the customers who will be purchasing Workpath’s software solutions, we must put 80% of our efforts in Prospecting (finding new customers) and 20% of our efforts in Retention (keeping current customers).

LinkedIn, healthcare articles, business articles, company blog posts, and Google search results are all different ways healthcare’s Decision-Makers would find Workpath. In other words, Workpath’s prospecting efforts rely on paid social, native advertising, content marketing, and paid search.

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To retain the Decision-Makers, email is by far the most cost-effective method. Through effective email marketing (paired with content creation), Workpath can show thought-leadership and credibility through testimonials, success stories, and software tips/tricks.

Workpath articles are designed to be shared so that Decision-Makers can show their managers and get validation that Workpath’s product is something their managers would really love to have and want to try.