Andrew Tuchow



PODCAST: To better understand the lives of content creators today, we interviewed a few. Listen to Joe Bae and I interview a budding photographer, Jack McKain, and a popular Vine star, Nick Massahos.


MUSIC ALBUM: As a Secret Santa gift for a fellow strategist, Christian Marchant, I rallied a few strategists/singers to record some of our favorite songs. 


STUDY SOUNDS: While producing Christian's Secret Santa gift, I accidentally turned on active monitoring. The sounds of Brandcenter flooded my ears. I thought this sound would actually be good for inducing creativity, as I've read before.

So, first, I recorded Brandcenter. I went to a café in a museum (VMFA) to record there. And, last, I recorded the sounds of waves crashing on a Mexican beach - depending on your headphones, may sound like waves or like static :) I hope at least one of these helps fuel your creative process!

BONUS: You made it to the farthest reaches of my website. Thank you! Here's me singing to a baby :)