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–Product Innovation–

Remind me, why do I need fabric softener?

CHALLENGE: Better laundry detergent and better laundry machines have made fabric softener less of a necessity and more of a luxury. The category is in steady decline.

COMMERCIAL INSIGHT: Snuggle's fabric care technology doesn't have to be limited to laundry. What if we used Snuggle's existing expertise and applied it in new ways to get beyond our declining fabric softener category?

CONSUMER INSIGHT: The people in most need of comfort are those who never feel settled. We call these people "Home Transitioners." We want to leverage our fabric care capability to make them more comfortable in every way we can.

STRATEGY: Inspire Home Transitioners to make their house a home. Snuggle can show them how a little comfort can go a long way to making their space a place of relief and relaxation.

Snuggle is on the struggle bus.

snuggle bear

Snuggle is a distant 3rd in the fabric softener category behind Downy and Gain, both owned by P&G. The brand has leaned on its iconic Snuggle Bear for decades. The brand's more recent ads have tried to be more provocative, but the ads have left people feeling more than a little creeped out. While the entire category is in steady decline, Snuggle needs to find a way to pivot before their set course runs them into the ground.

What's good about Snuggle? Can we do anything with that?

Snuggle has a strong history of fabric care expertise. That expertise doesn't need to be limited to what we put in our washer and dryer. We can take Snuggle’s existing softening technology and repackage it, bringing Snuggle out of the laundry room and into the rest of the home. 

What if you could make your carpet clean and soft? What if you could make your couch clean and soft? What if Snuggle wasn't stuck in the laundry aisle and could be found with carpet cleaners and home sprays?


We made it our driving passion to deliver softness to places the brand had never considered.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 1.17.16 AM.png

“I don’t see the point of decorating...I’m never really home... I’m probably moving later this year.”

Jon K., Interviewee

Who out there really needs a more comfortable home?

The people who need home comfort the most are "Home Transitioners" – people who just moved into a new place. It's hard to ever feel settled, especially if they expect to move within a year. They think of themselves in a constant state of transition. They feel the need to sacrifice comfort for the time being until they find something more stable.


Snuggle needs to show the value of comfort.

Since Home Transitioners think the differences between a "house" and a "home" lie in simple things (aromatic candles, small plants, soft blankets), Snuggle can show this audience how a few products and a little effort can do so much for their space. 

Instead of only offering Snuggle in grocery stores, the brand will meet Home Transitioners where they shop for home goods – Amazon, Target and Urban Outfitters.

Snuggle stands for comfort.

Snuggle must bring its fabric care expertise to the rest of the home. And by communicating the brand in a more mature tone, Snuggle will differentiate itself from its fabric softener competition.

The brand can connect by inspiring Home Transitioners to make their house a home. Snuggle's new tagline is "Make yourself at home."

giphy (16).gif

Snuggle's new position deserves a new identity.

Snuggle's new identity needed less motherly vibes and more mature vibes. Everything we did visually was to evoke relaxing moments. Called 'Fireside,' 'Rainy Day' and 'Morning Light,' Snuggle's new product themes promise a peaceful atmosphere. We had a goal with our designs: To create a comfortable feeling from the visuals alone.

Evolved products for an evolving brand.

 We made product extensions like portable softness capsules, couch and carpet sprays (pet-safe) and scented candles so that Home Transitioners can make every aspect of their home more comfortable.

Brand partnerships to meet them as they transition.

Through a partnership with U-HAUL, Snuggle will give away Home Starter Kits. These kits (above right) will contain samples of Snuggle products to get Home Transitioners feeling "at home" faster.

Not shown here, Snuggle will also strike deals with high-end boutique home stores to help keep these specialty products lasting longer, thereby bringing an even bigger impact on the idea of home.

All in the name of comfort.

Our TV spot beautifully captured the emotional ride of beginning life in a new space. Snuggle stands by its promise of making us more comfortable. With this new direction, Snuggle can move beyond its limiting category and find success outside the laundry room.


For this project, I asked the question “What if Snuggle stopped selling fabric softener? What if everyone woke up tomorrow realizing they don’t really need this product?” I looked into Snuggle’s commercial capabilities to find how they could pivot and transform their business. I also dove into Amazon Reviews, Reddit and Nielsen to better understand our audience’s perspectives and behaviors. I also voiced the TV spot in a sub-par British accent.


ST Joe Bae –agile and empathetic, pressure-tested the idea to the very end

CBM Adrienne Johnson – humble and kind, incredibly easy to work with

XD Tommy Carroll – brilliant and thorough, considered the consumer throughout the process

CW Brendan Howard – collaborative and hilarious, a superb team player

AD Casey Phillips – giggly and bright, made meetings super freakin' fun

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