Andrew Tuchow
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Timex: Creative Campaign



–Creative Campaign–

CHALLENGE: Smart devices distract us: Sometimes, we wish we weren't so absorbed.


Many of us are feeling that we are not consuming technology anymore: Technology is consuming us.

Artjem Weissbeck, CEO of Kapten & Son

INSIGHT: More connection to the digital world means less connection to the real world.

AUDIENCE:  "Aspiring Analogs" – They love their phones, but dislike when friends use them at the dinner table. They may listen to Spotify, but they have a soft spot for vinyl records. They're excited by paper books, acoustic instruments and written calendars, yet they grew up in a digital age.

STRATEGY: Timex brings you back to the real world.

CONCEPT: Timex connects us to the past, when watches just told time.

TAGLINE: "Wearable Time Machines"



Timex's smartphone lock screens will feature retro photographs with friendly reminders to deter people from spending unnecessary phone time.

We’ll debut these lock screens on Instagram and advertise them as downloadable from Timex's website.


Timex, presentation


AD Casey Phillips – giggly and bright, made meetings super freakin' fun

CW Thea Ryan – clever and collaborative, motivated the team through tough spots

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